How do I become a sponsored athlete? 

We as a company are insanely grateful that people are interested in this. We do take our athlete selection very seriously and most of the time our athletes are people we already know and support. We don't have specific qualifications based on strength or following for our athletes but we care deeply about the integrity of each person on our team. 

How can I be more involved?

Again, it's amazing that people want to be more involved. Any form of support is amazing to us. Even if you never buy anything your likes, comments, shares, podcast plays, and everything you do MATTERS. We couldn't tell you how much we appreciate even the smallest form of support.

How do your shirts fit?

We take quality, and comfort very seriously. We provide sizing charts for everything we can. If an item fits differently it will be made clear via the sizing chart or the information for the item. All of our products fit true to size. While the cut may vary from item to item.

Can I get involved in writing articles for Ritual?

Absolutely. if you have something to say write it out and email it to us at info@ritualapparel.co we will review it and get back to you.

What is your Return Policy?

We care deeply about providing high quality products that you LOVE and fit you perfectly. If you ever receive an item that doesn't fit you, is the wrong size, or you are unhappy with we will always refund you or exchange it for you. Just email us at info@ritualapparel.co and we will get it taken care of for you ASAP.

When will you restock "X"?

You can always expect us to restock our "essentials" collection. We may even restock certain drop specific items but not always. We are focused on doing new things. We want to continue to grow, change and do more. We know it's frustrating when things sell out quickly and we promise this isn't intentional. We always stock based off of the previous drop. When specialty items sell out, that’s it, its gone. If we feel like it went unfairly quick we will restock, but again, not always. You can always expect new stuff from us.