Success And Strength

I am no stranger to the grind. Over the years I’ve taken many ideas and worked relentlessly towards them. I’ve put in my blood, my sweat, every last dollar, and yet at times I’ve seen those things fail. Both work and ambition are necessary to lay the foundation of success. However, those two things are only parts that contribute to the sum of achievement. You can have the work and the ambition, but without knowledge you are just another person waiting for the great hand of success to come down and grace them with its touch. That won’t happen.


No one owes you success; it isn’t born, it’s made. Only through trial and error do we find the best of ourselves. Learn to love failure, there is no better teacher.


Our work output and knowledge of training can be directly correlated with our success when it comes to the gym. To many of us that’s common sense, but for some reason we leave this concept unapplied to the other areas of our life. The goal isn’t to work for the sake of work, it is to achieve an inevitable measure of progress. Balance your diligence and tactfulness. Remember- that new personal record deadlift is tangible, that number on the scale is attainable, your business is waiting to be built. Your goals are never out of reach if you approach them intelligently and resolutely. Gain knowledge, apply grit, build something worth having.

Tim Williams