Strength Built Through Ritual


Habit and diligence are the true arbiters of greatness. One thing every truly successful person will tell you is that their success was achieved by consistency. I think the idea of Ritual speaks to this part of ourselves. Only the furiously committed understand this. Ritual has never been for the recreational gym goer, nor for the fair-weather lifter. Ritual is a plan, an action, and a moving vessel towards our goals. We push ourselves to the brink of destruction only to try it again. Practice is what makes us strong. Ritual in its truest form lives to embody that. Practice, strength, diligence, success.


Nothing worth achieving ever comes easily. If something were as simple as waking up, everyone would have it. Competition drives our being. To become strong, we must practice strength. To become great, we must practice greatness. There is no other option. In this world, everyone wants something for free. Strength does not come free. It comes from waking up everyday with your entire body sore and still hitting the gym. It will only come to the obsessed. To those maddened by mediocrity.


There is true strength in ourselves. If we are willing to drive ourselves to attain it, any goal can be accomplished. Through our Ritual, all things are conceivable. This is the basic foundation of strength. Die to your convictions.


- Tim Williams