Moments In Between

Weight loaded on the barbell is in our hands for only a few moments. A few moments of adrenaline and all of the hard work you’ve put in comes to fruition. In those moments you can forget about anything else and only focus on one thing: moving the weight. 

The thing that happens sometimes is we forget what got us to that moment of total zoned-in focus to be able to hit that PR. If we make the lift, we celebrate it as we should. But when we fail, we think of all the things we did technically wrong or we blame poor judging or our weight cut or any of the other 10 reasons that hide what we lacked. The things that matter most are the cumulation of events that got you in the position to hit a PR or step on the platform. 

The times that you said “if” or “can’t” provides you with an out to excuse a terrible mindset and work ethic. Because if you said two months ago that you can’t do it and then you fail, it’s okay right? You already said you couldn’t do it, so you proved yourself to be correct. Do you still love being right in that case? When you allow your mind to have an out or have an excuse, you’re giving yourself permission to not live up to your goals. 

What if for just a second, you told yourself you could do it. How would that change the way you approach your goals? Negativity breeds negativity and thinking “can’t” thoughts will only continue to spiral you down more. Just thinking positive thoughts alone will not always get you the results you want, though. Sometimes you will fail, and that’s okay. That’s not a “I can’t do it” moment, that’s a “I can’t do it... yet” moment. So you failed, what now? What will you change to ensure it doesn’t happen again in the same way? 

You are not the weight on the bar. You are the moments in between. You are the result of how you respond to self-doubt. You are the way you react to tough times, feelings of inadequacy, and how you continue to move forward despite every setback.

Do you want to be the person that falls apart when faced with adversity? Or do you want to be the person who’s perfected the side-step that gets you around adversity and face to face with success? Make your choice and live it. 

By: Riley Presnell