When it comes to setting goals for yourself, there’s a process. You set a goal, you set a timeline, and you figure out the steps necessary to get from point A to point B. I think where someone falls short is doing these things without intent. They set a goal without a real thought behind what it takes to get there or they don’t want to do the steps necessary to get to where they need to be. 

 Setting big goals and making big changes can seem daunting. Having a process and taking small steps every day to be better and get closer to that goal is a little bit of solace in the chaotic journey to what you want. That’s what it takes. 

 Are you willing to do the things that aren’t so fun that lead you to your ultimate goal? Or are you uninterested in the process and just want to reap the benefits without any work? If your answer is the latter, your “goal” isn’t something you actually want.

 You have to be just crazy enough to set a strong goal for yourself and to see it through day in and day out. You have to be realistic enough to know that each step along the way may not be one step forward, but sometimes a side step or a step in reverse. You have to be passionate enough to know that sometimes it takes all that you have to get to what you want. 

 Being intentional means living your life and pursuing your goals with purpose and being deliberate in your actions. Who is there to blame if you’ve done nothing to get you to where you want to go? No one but you.

There will be times where you feel like you’re spinning in circles and you’re stuck where you are. You aren’t stuck as long as you’re doing the small things every day that add to the bigger picture in the future. Life isn’t going to step out of the way of your goals and sometimes we have to work around what it throws at us. But how incredible does it feels to get closer to that goal knowing you had to work hard and deal with unfavorable circumstances in order to get there? That is the most rewarding part of it all. 

 This is true in powerlifting and in life: nothing can be done and done well without intent

 By: Riley Presnell