"I Will" Mindset

Adopting an “I Will” mindset is fundamentally the ground floor of any pursuit. Belief in an idea, no matter how extraordinary or unlikely, is the only way to start paving the path towards it. People continuously fail, and they talk themselves out of virtually everything. That’s why so few people are truly great at anything. Instead of measuring up to adversity in our lives we see these things as insurmountable obstacles, towering over us and obstructing our view of our passions. 

Talk stops us, whether it be self-talk or from external sources. Let me state something incredibly obvious: People are assholes. People are jealous. People will keep you from your goals simply because they believe they can’t accomplish what you can. They will live in the limitations they provide themselves. Possessing an “I Will” mindset will not allow you to imagine limitations for yourself OR others. 

How we talk to ourselves is probably the largest limiting factor of our actual abilities. Just like a needle in a haystack, we tend to have an uncanny ability to find the smallest negative in a sea of positivity. Granted, sometimes it’s a pretty big fucking needle. Most of the time, however, we allow even the smallest thing that doesn’t go exactly right to ruin our experiences in life. The way we choose to talk to ourselves about our goals can dictate the success of them greatly. For example, when you did your first squat, throwing four hundred pounds on the bar and banging it out probably seemed impossible. If you told yourself every day “I’ll never squat four hundred pounds,” guess what? You most likely won’t. It won’t just happen randomly. Now, if every day for a year you told yourself “I will squat four hundred pounds,” guess what? You most likely will. How we choose to talk to ourselves is a lot like how we choose to talk to other people. If it’s positive the result will most likely be positive. If it’s negative, so likely will be the result. 

Instead of listing excuses and saying I can’t do this because of thing one, thing two, and thing three, try saying “I will do this, I don't care how long it takes.” I guarantee you will find very few things that are reasonable that are not able to be accomplished. Don’t tell the universe you can’t, because the truth is, you fucking can. Stop limiting yourself. Stop making your own life something you wouldn’t want to witness happen to someone else. You will accomplish what you tell yourself you will. 

Tim Williams