Help Yourself, Build A Ritual

I had a short conversation about post workout mobility with a friend, and that sparked a thought. We were discussing how by the end of a training session we are toast. Exhausted. Just drained. She acknowledged getting lazy and just wanting to be done with the training session. We've all been there. Training for strength isn't easy, it shouldn't be.

The post workout mobility and corrective exercises given to you, those tedious movements, are the difference between being a good athlete, and a great athlete. The core work at the end of your lift that you skip, could cost you a PR squat on meet day. Ignoring that hip and low back pain after deadlifts, bringing you closer to the brink of injury, could ruin your future in this sport. Be honest with yourself here, what type of athlete are you? Will you do what it takes to be the best athlete you can be?

It's the little things that make a big difference. How does one improve on this? How do you make these "little things" a ritual?

First step, become self aware and acknowledge your lack of commitment. Stop ignoring the issue and bring it to light! You want to improve, but how?!

Second step, build the task into your routine. Make time for it. Prioritize it. The task becomes something that you just have to complete. It's not "if" you have time to complete it. You HAVE the time. This is where good time management skills come into play. Things like; Making a schedule ahead of time. Create a deadline. Eliminate distractions. Never procrastinate. Ask for help!

Third step is sticking with the routine. We are imperfect people, if some tragedy happens and you literally can not get to your mobility or meal prep that day. Fine. Better pick up where you left off the next day then, because this is your routine now, it's becoming a ritual.

Eventually, months go by. You look back at where you were, recognize that you have accomplished the goals you set, and then you set new goals. This is what Ritual means to me. The continuous improvement and building the "little things" into your daily ritual. The things that take you from good to great. From unhappy to happy. From negative to positive. 

You are the only person that can create your ritual, YOU control that. By all means, reach out to your support system to keep you accountable. But when it comes down to it, you are the only person that can help yourself.


By: Alexis Sicherman