• Moments In Between
    Weight loaded on the barbell is in our hands for only a few moments. A few moments of adrenaline and all of the hard work you’ve put in comes to fr... Continue Reading
  • Iron Sharpens Iron
    When I was younger, I never would’ve imagined my life would have taken the path that it has. Not that I feel my life has been horrible, despite the... Continue Reading
  • Help Yourself, Build A Ritual
    “Help yourself, build a ritual” I had a short conversation about post workout mobility with a friend, and that sparked a thought. We were discussin... Continue Reading
  • Purpose & Outcome
    We’ve been programmed for a certain life. Early on in childhood we start the beginning phases of the program. Education is important, but I feel th... Continue Reading
  • The Dabbler
    I’m a dabbler. I pick things up quickly. For most of my life I’ve been addicted to the rush of starting something new is what has gotten me from on... Continue Reading
  • Principles
    I have not always had the mindset that I could do anything that I put my time and effort into. For a lot of my life I have just done what is necess... Continue Reading
  • Girl Walks Into A Powerlifting Meet
    I’ve been to my fair share of meets. I love traveling and supporting friends and lifters that are competing, I love getting the chance to talk with... Continue Reading
  • Intent
    When it comes to setting goals for yourself, there’s a process. You set a goal, you set a timeline, and you figure out the steps necessary to get f... Continue Reading
  • Expectations Vs. Standards
    Adversity - the common denominator that I always seem to find when I meet someone new in the powerlifting community. We’ve all overcome our own for... Continue Reading
  • Of Past & Plantaris
    To the sons I never had, but always will: Noel, Christian, Cam, Logan, Alex, Brandon, and Brayan.  I have always been a father of none, but a fathe... Continue Reading
  • Lessons Learned Between The Collars
    Discovering Powerlifting You grow up small and weak, being told you can’t do certain things because you’ll hurt yourself. I think that’s where it s... Continue Reading
  • In What We Lack
    It creeps in – swiftly eating away, A humid, black pit of uncertainty Overwhelming Until – Nothingness This too, consumes me The splitting of fib... Continue Reading
  • "I Will" Mindset
    Adopting an “I Will” mindset is fundamentally the ground floor of any pursuit. Belief in an idea, no matter how extraordinary or unlikely, is the o... Continue Reading
  • Success And Strength
    I am no stranger to the grind. Over the years I’ve taken many ideas and worked relentlessly towards them. I’ve put in my blood, my sweat, every las... Continue Reading
  • Dont Call It A Come Back
    As a strength athlete, every pound or kilo you add to a lift is earned with a certain sense of pride.   Whether it be adding a whole plate to a lif... Continue Reading
  • Strength Is My Ceremony
    Strength Is My CeremonyRituals have been a part of the human experience from the very beginning. Regardless of the persons performing them or the r... Continue Reading
    “The darkest hour only has sixty minutes.” –Morris Mandel Growing up, my entire family was morbidly obese. Eating in the South meant everything was... Continue Reading
  • Resurgence After The Rust
    I was clean shaven that day; smiling shyly as I quickened pace up the football ramp, my eyes glowing wild with excitement. It smelled of despair, a... Continue Reading
  • Redemption & Ritual
    My name is Nate Holley. I am 28 years old from Huntington West Virginia. I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world and we have two incr... Continue Reading
  • Strength Built Through Ritual
      Habit and diligence are the true arbiters of greatness. One thing every truly successful person will tell you is that their success was achieved ... Continue Reading